Sunday, March 11, 2012

Smokers Shit !

Ahah!!nice title isn't?
why?actually,there's somethin' i wanna tell u guys 'bout myself that you guys don't know..
yup,i am smokers hater..

why again?because,....
actually i don't know why i hate smokers eventhough my father also a smoker..!at my school,there's a lot of smokers..there's 'bout 2/4 lar(boys only)..girls i don't know lar..last year,the amount of smokers only 1/4 but this year it's increase isn't...and it keeps increasing the way,i'm not good in,if there any grammar mistake,please correct me okay..continue with our discussion just now 'bout the smokers..for your guys information,i hate smokers more than i hate the druggers you know..even i don't know the reason..but the truth,i really hate smokers..even the smokers questioned me,,

''why did you hate us??we even don't make any trouble to you until now right?''
and i reply,''i don't know..i just hate the people that smoke..maybe b'coz they're separating the harmful smoke from the cigarette that can harm people nearby..(ah,form 3 chapter 1 under topic of respiration not reproduction everyone!)yes,there are many substances can harm people even the smokers or the people who are not smoking..(what we called it...yes,'passive smokers')

looks like i can be the science teacher here..just kidding!
maybe that's the reason i hate the people,who are admiring me and he/she is smoking..keep it out of me okay!on the other hand,don't even you dare come close to me while you're smoking or else you will enter the hospital for 3 months!
kta kan TIDAK pda ROKOK!!

so everyone!i think that's all from me..thank you!
(gimme a big claps...wuhuu!!)

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Something In My Mind said...

mbuih....terrer ckap BI nou

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